Product Pricing

Free-to-use trial offer

Our products are offered on a free trial basis. This allows you to download the product of your choice and to assess its suitability before committing your valuable money to a purchase.

The trial period is indicated on the product logon screen. With each day the free-to-use trial period reduces until log-on to the product is disabled until a validation code is entered. The validation code is requested by email through the simple “click of a button” once payment has been made.

Competitively Priced

Pricing for our products is based on a simple structure. An initial payment is required when first purchasing a product and an annual payment is required thereafter. The annual payment gives you access to any updates that have been made to the product range, and includes the annual updates for items such as the tax tables included in the payroll solutions. To purchase a product simply forward us an email requesting an invoice for the product chosen and on receipt of your payment the necessary validation code to enable your product will be forwarded to you.

FinX PayX
  • Initial payment on purchase of R995
  • Annual fee payable of R860
  • Pricing excludes VAT
  • Initial payment on purchase of R495
  • Annual fee payable of R430
  • Pricing excludes VAT