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Beyond payroll

Processing your employee payroll may involve time intensive manual work... or you may have outsourced your payroll processing to rid yourself of the nightmare associated with this task... at immense cost to your business.

Now you can access a simplistic product that does not demand a detailed understanding of payroll accounting... you can go "beyond payroll" and download one of our simplistic value-adding and highly functional payroll solutions and with simplicity and ease process your monthly or weekly payrolls and your SARS returns whilst improving your profits by saving money.

Our payroll solutions

Our products are simple to obtain... simply download and install them. All products are offered on a free trial basis - no payment is required and you are provided with the opportunity to assess the suitability of the products before committing your valuable money to a purchase.

And when you do purchase our products... the pricing is highly competitive, and in most cases you will recover your investment in the product within a month or two based simply on the savings you make on not outsourcing your simplistic payroll processing functions.

Product downloads


To install our payroll products simply download the simple installation instructions and follow the step-by-step process... you'll be up-and-running within minutes!

Payroll Installation instructions

Wages Installation instructions


Choose from either a 5-employee or 25-employee payroll or wages solution.

Download 5-employee payroll

Download 25-employee payroll

Payroll user manual

Download 5-employee wages solution

Download 25-employee wages solution

Wages solution user manual